Real Estate and Property Law

Need legal counsel regarding a property dispute? Need to take action on a lien or title? Seeking help for a Landlord/Tenant matter? Foreclosure?

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Real Estate and Property Law

The practice of Real Estate and Property Law is very broad and varies from state to state. If you are looking for legal counsel or need representation, Channen Day Attorneys at Law specializes in Real Estate and Property law and have years of experience in Arizona.


Are you seeking legal counsel for a real estate or property matter? Looking to resolve a issue promptly and permanently? Do you have questions regarding a title or lien? Do you need to take action? Look no further, the attorneys at Channen Day Law can help. We offer a variety of services and are here to fight for you.

We are experienced in:

  • Property Disputes
  • Lien removal
  • Title clearance
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Foreclosure actions